10 Style Staples Everyone Will Be Wearing For Fall Festival Season


Getting dressed for fall festival season has become almost as fun as attending the festivals themselves. Festivals are known for being carefree, wild, and a little messy, so when considering what to wear, it helps to think beyond the latest trends; you also have to think about what fabrics will keep you comfortable all day long. In partnership with Cotton, we've rounded up ten style essentials for fall festival season (all made with cotton), from must-have cutoffs to boho dresses to help you look and feel festival-ready.

No one wants to be wearing something uncomfortable when they're waiting all day waiting for their favorite band to perform. Choosing breathable cotton helps avoid that. Another plus of wearing cotton? It's super-durable, so if you get caught in the mess of the fall festival season — your favorite pieces just need a thorough washing, and they'll be good as new. Read on to find out why these cotton pieces deserve a spot in your fall festival look rotation.

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In partnership with Cotton.