12 Brilliant & Sustainable Gifts For Friends (That You'll Want To Keep)

By Kate Marin

There’s no better gift than one that’s stylish *and* kind to the planet. Whether it’s a reusable shopping tote that helps cut out single-use plastic bags or a simple cotton day dress that won’t cling to odors like synthetic fabrics (read: less laundry, more water and energy saved), there are plenty of amazing sustainable gifts that will bring a smile to even your most picky and stylish friends.

In partnership with Cotton, we’ve put together the ultimate sustainable gift guide that highlights the many ways to incorporate cotton into your life (and some very lucky gift recipients’ lives, too). Durable and low-maintenance, this natural fabric not only comes from a plant, but is breathable and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use — so you can rest assured that your gift will last for many years to come. Shop our favorite sustainable products and fashionable cotton finds ahead, and feel good about the message behind your next best gift.

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