2014 olympics

The Olympic Opening Ceremony Isn't Actually Live

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are set to kick off Friday evening, but if you're planning on tuning into the opening ceremony, you'll have to wait a bit longer to see it. In an announcement made last month by NBC Sports Group chairman Mark Lazarus,…
By Yvonne Juris

An Awesome Kickstarter For A Women's Hockey Doc

The National Women's Hockey League is just a third of the way into its inaugural season, and already it's made history by being the first women's hockey organization to pay its players. Women's sports are unfortunately overlooked as a whole, and the…
By April Siese

Out-Of-State College Isn't The Only Way

Long before I had even filled out a single college application, I told my parents that I needed to go to an out-of-state school if I wanted to reach any of my life goals. “If you believe in me so much," I'd tell them, "then you need to understand…
By Hayli Goode

Olympic Skicross Racer Paralyzed Following Fall

After the lights dimmed on the Olympics Closing Ceremonies Sunday, many marveled over the incident-free Sochi games. (Well, that is, if those people didn't count the attack on Pussy Riot near Sochi as an incident.) Unfortunately, the Olympic…
By Kate Ward

The 13 Top Fashion Moments of Sochi

By Tyler Atwood

8 Best Putin Memes From Sochi's Closing Ceremonies

Apparently, the Olympic ceremonies are really boring for the world's leaders. Everyone remembers Queen Elizabeth II and her not-impressed face during the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony, and, well, Russia's Vladimir Putin attempted to steal the…
By Martha Sorren

Charlie White Already Linked To Another Ice Skater

Charlie White is messing with our heads and we don't like it. First he was shunning his real relationship with former ice skater Tanith Belbin to promote his faux-romance with ice dancing partner Meryl Davis to win favor with the judges. (How very…
By Martha Sorren

2018 Winter Olympics: Where to Next?

Well, the 2014 Winter Olympics have come to a close. Now it's time to look ahead: when are the next Winter Olympics? Where will they be? How much will they cost? Will we get to enjoy encores of the many Olympics-preparation disasters that Sochi…
By Sarah Hedgecock

Sochi Wants You To Feel Like You're In a Nightclub

No one could call the Sochi Olympics boring. A bit strange, maybe. Surreal, definitely. But dull? Not a chance. And in case that point needed driving home, as the competitors walked into the stadium during the closing ceremony, electronic dance…
By Nuzha Nuseibeh

Russia Tops Sochi Medal Count

As the 2014 Winter Olympics close, we're left with memories of international unity, the nobility of sport, and which Olympic country is the best Olympic country. This year, the winner of the medal count was host country Russia, which dominated in…
By Sarah Hedgecock

Another Olympic Ring Fail at Sochi

There's a lot to discuss about how well Sochi pulled off its first Olympic hosting gig. But there's one thing no one can deny: at least they have a sense of humor. There was another Olympic ring fail during the Sochi Closing Ceremonies – but this…
By Sarah Hedgecock

Here Are The Youngest Olympians at Sochi

By Sarah Freymiller

This is ruining figure skating

The saying goes that no publicity is bad publicity, and to an extent that's true, but there is such a thing as bad drama and Olympic figure skating has a raging case of it. After her final free skate in Sochi earned her a seventh place slot in the…
By Kelsea Stahler

So Why Do We Really Hate Ashley Wagner?

In a way, it was bound to happen. First, Ashley Wagner indirectly caused controversy at the National Championships when she was selected to represent the U.S., even though she finished behind Mirai Nagasu, who was left behind as the blonde skater…
By Kate Ward

Know Your Fact from Fiction About This Scandal

By Rachel Semigran

Looks Like America's Keeping Bieber

On Friday in Sochi, the U.S. and Canada men's hockey teams went head-to-head in the Olympic hockey semifinals, which — spoiler alert — ended badly for America. Canadians, on the other hand, left the ice with a victory of 1-0. Halfway into the game,…
By Andrea Garcia-Vargas

11 Things We'll Actually Remember About Sochi

By Rachel Semigran

When You Can Watch the Olympics Closing Ceremonies

The Sochi Winter Olympics have been very confusing for American audiences. Not only have we been baffled seeing the likes of Ashley Wagner robbed of a better score during her ladies' figure skating long program, but we've also been forced to avoid…
By Kate Ward

Was Yuna Kim Cheated Out Of Skating Gold?

You don't want to anger a mob of figure-skating fans. A petition on Change.org calling for an investigation into Russian skater Adelina Sotnikova's figure-skating win at the Sochi Olympics Thursday nearly crashed the site, racking up more than a…
By Camille Bautista

Who Won the Gold in Figure Skating?

Following the team competition at Sochi's 2014 Olympics, the gold medal in the ladies' free skate seemed a lock. After all, 15-year-old Russian skater Yulia Lipnitskaya had helped propel the Russia to team gold following an astonishingly mature…
By Kate Ward