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3 Ways A Professional Dancer Incorporates Her Passions Into Her Daily Style

By Michelle Guerrere

Finding the right balance of comfort and style in shoes is nothing short of a challenge. This is particularly true when you’re pirouetting across the floor and pounding city streets on the regular, like L.A.-based professional dancer, Alison Stroming. ”Just like my dancewear for when I’m in the studio, my everyday style reflects my personality and mood, and it inspires my creative work,” she says. Because her schedule varies and castings come up at a moment’s notice, she leans toward a simple aesthetic with colorful details. And like any true dancer, she’s most at home in ballet flats.

“It’s essential to be comfortable to feel your best,” says Stroming. Life as a ballerina is a constant hustle, requiring Stroming to traverse her city (and sometimes the globe!) for auditions, performances, and intensive rehearsals — so she has a well-trained eye for wardrobe staples that can keep up.

Inspired by the comfy-enough-to-dance-in, versatile-enough-to-wear-everywhere Allbirds Tree Breezers, we’ve asked Stroming to show us how she translates her look from the studio to the streets of L.A. Read on to discover her signature take on summer style.

The Brazilian-born, NYC-raised dancer tends to have a lot of black in her closet, but she'll often throw on a colorful top or accessory to switch up her look in between, well, everything. Stroming has a rigorous training schedule, attending ballet class three to four times a week on top of meetings, workouts, photo shoots, and more. It's a hectic schedule that begs for effortless attire from head to (especially!) toe.

So whether she’s twirling in the studio or rushing to her next appointment, Stroming needs a shoe that can move and adapt to the moment. That’s why the Tree Breezers are an ideal fit: They’re ballet flats not just in aesthetic, but in their ability to flex, cushion, and comfort her tired feet.

“My passion for dance has a huge influence on my fashion preferences because not only do I choose to be comfortable, but I also like to keep my look stylish and practical,” she explains.

After an afternoon of leaps and arabesques, the Tree Breezers’ cushiony castor bean oil insole provides sweet relief. Plus, the shoe's effortlessly feminine design adds polish for any last-minute networking events.

As the seasons change and it starts to warm up, Stroming veers toward flowy skirts, rompers, and dresses, especially when she’s attending an after-hours work function. This dancer’s best style advice? Reach for looks that make you feel confident and proud, whether it’s because of the aesthetic or the story behind a specific piece.

For example, Stroming likes to shop sustainably — without forgoing style or comfort, of course.

"Shopping sustainably makes me feel empowered and confident because I know I’m acting responsibly," the dancer says. “I’ve learned to not pay too much attention to other people’s style and just trust and listen to myself.”

Her Tree Breezers are crafted with sustainably sourced materials (think: actual eucalyptus tree fibers!) to minimize environmental impact, so she can feel good about wearing them. Just as importantly, the material is high-performance, keeping the shoe light and breezy.

For a casting, the dancer keeps her looks simple, clean, and comfortable: “I like fitted tops and pants that are versatile and easy to wear on the go,” she explains. Even though she syncs up her calendar every Sunday, it’s not uncommon for her to get a last-minute call from her agent about a job or audition. “It’s important to be flexible and stay on top of everything,” she says, as her day can change in an instant.

Whether you're an artist like Stroming or just looking to express your personality through fashion, you'll always look your best if you dress with confidence and comfort in mind. Of course, it can be tricky to find staples that move with you without sacrificing style — so you better believe we’re snapping up Allbirds Tree Breezers in every shade available.

Take it from Stroming:

“Even on days when you’re not feeling your best,” she says, “trying a new color, pattern, or shoe can make a huge difference in how you feel in your skin and can help you feel like your best self!”

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