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5 Looks To Rock Based On When You Feel Like Your Strongest Self


2020 vision is a real thing. This year, I’ve decided that one of my resolutions is to be mindful of the moments that make me feel strong – like, really strong – and to be intentional about creating time and space for more of them. Whether it’s challenging myself to reach the finish line of a race, hanging with the friends who always have my back, or finding some much-needed quiet time to recalibrate, these are the moments that help me connect with my inner strength and sense of power.

The same can apply to all women; once we find the source of our unique power, we're able start feeling like our ultimate selves. And when it comes to investing in the activities that help us to feel our best, the way we outfit ourselves can make all the difference. Need to find your inner confidence? Throw on a bold animal print. Craving a hug for your body and soul? Slip into some luxurious knits for self-care Sunday.

To inspire you to seek more of these blissed-out (and empowering!) moments, Bustle teamed up with Athleta to curate the best looks to rock based on when you feel your strongest. Read on and begin the new decade by prioritizing your unique strength – and the activities that help you shine!

If You Feel Like Your Strongest Self Sweating It Out In Hot Yoga...

You’re someone who finds as much joy in letting go during sun salutations as you do relaxing in a calming savasana. Match your inner warrior with a buttery and supportive sports bra that doubles as a workout top in drip-inducing temps, plus compressive tights that ensure you’re not constantly tugging them up as you move through your flow. Top it off with a softer-than-soft wrap to keep you comfy pre- and post-class, no matter what you've got planned.

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If You Feel Like Your Strongest Self Chilling With The Girls...

Your crew is called that for a reason — they’d do just about anything for you. They lift you up no matter the circumstance, which is why you feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re around them. This cozy, relaxed-fit sweatshirt will keep you toasty while you’re making memories that will last far longer than that (super cute) social media post. Rock it with ankle pants so light you'll forget you're wearing anything at all, then get one of your besties to snap a new pic for your social feed, since you'll be practically radiating those powerful vibes.

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If You Feel Like Your Strongest Self Taking A Breathtaking Hike...

If the great outdoors up your energy levels, you need an outfit that allows you stand out amongst its beauty. Enter: a chic olive sports bra and coordinated lightweight crop-pant hybrid that'll keep you supported and mobile all the way to the peak. Top it with a lightweight tank and a breathable windbreaker that protects you from the elements — you’ll feel good knowing that it's sustainably made from post-consumer plastic bottles (and Mother Nature will, too).

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If You Feel Like Your Strongest Self At The Finish Line Of A Big Race...

A runner’s high is the real deal. It’s easy to find your pace when you’re in an outfit that lets you feel totally in control. A super subtle snakeskin print shirt is seamless so nothing chafes, plus hem grips on the inside ensure you never have to tug your top down at mile five. Keep your endurance up with a pair of high-rise compression leggings that have a secret back pocket that safely stashes your phone (bonus points if you also rock the matching sports bra). Oh, and don’t forget a little sparkle with a headband that keeps stray hair in place.

With zero distractions, here’s to clocking a personal best.

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If You Feel Like Your Strongest Self On Self-Care Sunday...

The busiest of weeks can mean that you feel your most powerful when you’re cozied up, resting and recharging. A little pampering like a DIY mani and face mask paired with a TV marathon usually does the trick — especially when you’re dressed in an outfit that’s equal parts comfy and cute. Get cozy with an organic cotton open-back hoodie and sleek tights, then throw on a stylish knotted headband to keep your hair out of your face while you're masking.

No matter what activity you find yourself gravitating toward, if you start by making sure you feel good in your own skin, there’ll be no limit to how powerful you can be.

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