Billy Joel's Concert Deal With Madison Square Garden Will Make Your Parents Really Happy

Are you a Billy Joel megafan who just so happens to have a lot of money lying around to burn on a monthly basis? Well, then, good news! According to Rolling Stone, Billy Joel just announced plans to play Madison Square Garden in NYC once a month "indefinitely," something which is unprecedented in the venue's 45-year history.

"Playing Madison Square Garden is an experience that never gets old," Joel revealed in a press conference in NYC today. "A show a month at the Garden for as long as there's demand means more opportunities to connect with music fans and provides a unique and memorable show every time we play here." As of now, the historic residency will go on as long as fans buy tickets, meaning there's no actual end date in site. Technically, Billy Joel could still be playing monthly shows at Madison Square Garden ten years from now, or twenty! It's a good thing "Uptown Girl" really, really never gets old.

The residency will kick off on Jan. 27, with Feb. 3, Mar. 21, April 18, and May 9 shows following. After that, it's unclear when shows will take place, but if the ticket sales are high enough for these performances, that info should come in soon.

Now, lets all watch/sing along to "Uptown Girl" in celebration, because you know you were about to head over to YouTube to look it up anyway.

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