Lady Gaga's Shiseido Commercial Has A Powerful Message About Beauty, But Her Dog Miss Asia Also Steals The Spotlight In The Japanese Ad

For someone who has made a career out of constantly breaking the rules (and making her own) when it comes to the standards of beauty, Lady Gaga's Shiseido commercial has a strong message about loving yourself for who you are. As the celebrity spokesperson for the Japanese cosmetics brand, Gaga took 50 selfies earlier this year for a marketing campaign that focused on her different looks. But it's her latest clip for Shiseido that really drives home the fact that the singer is a true inspiration to millions of people, whether they consider themselves Little Monsters or not.

"Everyone shines in their own unique way, but only you know what your beauty is," Gaga says. "Don't let anyone tell you what makes you beautiful." The 30-second commercial starts off with a fresh-faced Gaga inviting us in to her hotel room, where she is joined by none other than her French bulldog Miss Asia Kinney. It seems like a typical day for the singer, showing her drinking tea, playing with her dog, and trying on funky eyewear before going out for a night on the town. The commercial changes it's tone as soon as Gaga gets into a cab, rips off her blonde wig and feathered cocktail dress, and then changes into a leather blue jumpsuit (with matching hat and fringe sunglasses).

"Be yourself... that's what makes you beautiful," Gaga says. Much like a lot of her lyrics, the Shiseido commercial is empowering and sends a positive message about self-acceptance and individuality. It's still a makeup commercial, but the Gaga twist makes it much more compelling, especially to her fans worldwide. And did I mention her Frenchie Miss Asia is in it, too?

ADORBS. Watch Lady Gaga's Shiseido commercial in its entirety below:

Image: ladygaga/Instagram (2); Shiseido/YouTube