'In Secret' Trailer Proves That Cousins Should Definitely Never, Ever Marry

The faces of temperament have all come out to play in the trailer for Charlie Stratton's In Secret , and never has it been more apparent (need it be?) that cousins should never, ever be married. Lest you want one (or both) of said cousins to die, of course. At least that's my own personal takeaway from this modern-day retelling of the classic 1867 Emile Zola novel, Thérèse Raquin. Here, the faces of temperament (something those kooky naturalism writers just loved to dissect) are portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen, Oscar Isaac, and Tom Felton — looking particularly gummy, for all those wondering — and also features Head Witch in Charge, Jessica Lange. And just as the source material, In Secret focuses on the events and scenarios that could lead a person to love, kill, and die. Apparently there is but one answer: sex. Which, duh, it's life's silliest and most suppressed taboo, so of course it's going to instigate all of the problems.

Especially if that sex is supposed to involve one's first-cousin in a surprise and (shockingly enough, I know) loveless marriage set up by a selfish but seemingly well-meaning aunt (played by Lange). It was a different time, I know, I know. But still — and take care to listen up all you meddling family members — it doesn't matter how well-intentioned you might be in setting up your son Camille (Felton) with his cousin because she's his special friend that makes him feel safe. If you cut off a lady like Thérèse's (Olsen) sexual freedom, the consequences are going to be dire — especially when she falls in love with her husband's best friend, the artistic bad boy/total lothario/absolute nutter Laurent (Isaac).

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In Secret hits theaters February 21, 2014, just in time for you kissing cousins who like to celebrate Valentine's Day a week late.

Image: Roadside Attractions/YouTube