You Can Pre-Order 'Vogue' Now

Everyone who loves fashion knows that the September issue of magazines is by far the most important issue, and the hype around it is about to get even bigger. You can pre-order Vogue's September issue on Amazon, so the fashion magazine is now on the same level as blockbuster movies and best-selling novels. I'm curious what will end up selling more copies, Vogue or Go Set a Watchman ?

Vogue's September issue is the biggest issue of the year — literally, and figuratively. It's physically huge, almost three times the size of a normal issue, has more high fashion ads than any other issue, has far more content, and even had a documentary made about it. Now, Condé Nast is capitalizing on its popularity, offering the public the chance to pre-order the issue on Amazon and receive it five days earlier (if you are a Prime member). The issue hits newsstands August 19, but preorders will arrive on August 14. So that's a little bit of an incentive if you just can't wait to get your hands on the fall fashion issue.

In addition, the issue, which costs $5.99, comes in a "limited edition Vogue box." Swanky.

I know it sounds kind of crazy, but here's a few reasons why this isn't the worst idea.

1. It Could Help Revive Print

With print subscriptions declining, this could help revive it, and as a writer, that is something I'm all for.

2. Less Heavy Lifting

Seriously, though, have you seen how big that issue is?! Let them deliver it to you, for crying out loud.

3. Better Content

If they're going to hype it this much, they have to up their game to make it worth it.

4. Better Cover Stars

Ditto on upping their cover star game. Who's it going to be?!

5. Those Extra Five Days

You get five extra days ahead of everyone who doesn't pre-order to get started on your fall fashion. #winning

6. The Box

Just what exactly is this "limited edition" box and what else can we use it for?! The possibilities!!

Images: Vogue; Giphy (2)