House-Proud Neanderthals, The Scariest Commercial Ever, And Walmart Banksy: In Other News

Whoever guessed that those Neanderthals were messy did them a big disservice: while studying an ancient cave shelter, researchers noticed that the long-extinct species actually appeared to be very neat and organized. Inside the cave, the Neanderthals separated the space into a cave kitchen, a cave fire-gathering area, a cave tool-making space, and so on. Noted one researcher: "Neanderthals did not just throw their stuff everywhere but in fact were organized, and purposeful when it came to domestic space."

That'll teach us not to stereotype about our ancestors, eh?

Also on Wednesday, the European Commission fined a handful of global banks a total of $2.3 billion, a penalty for conspiring to rig the global interest rate for the banks' benefit. It's the biggest antitrust settlement ever reached by the Commission.

Until Tuesday, Walmart was selling Banksy knockoffs. After someone pointed this out, Walmart apologized and removed the listing. We're guessing he'd find the whole thing hilarious.

Over in Russia, they're selling a "YotaPhone" with a normal LCD display on one side, and a sheet of electronic paper on the other. Somewhere, Google is perking up their ears.

Oh dear, CNN. Though the validity of the "knockout game" trend has been disputed, CNN ran a segment about it Tuesday that showcased videos of a black man attacking a white man. Oh, and the presenter referred to the apparently anti-Semitic "game" as being a battle akin to that "in the animal kingdom." Right.

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A new study finds that employers are less likely to give Muslim applicants a job, particularly in red states.

This Japanese tire ad is being called the "scariest commercial of all time." It even carries a health warning.


A New York woman took a "selfie" while a man threatened to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge behind her. This landed her on the cover of the New York Post, in spite of her refusing to give the paper her name or contact information.