Olivia Culpo Strips For 'Treats' Mag

Something tells me Nick Jonas' head is about to be turned and he might get a little, well, "Jealous." Jonas' ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo posed nude for Treats magazine and it really is one of the most artful displays of editorial nudity in recent memory. No, this isn't like Kim Kardashian's Internet-breaking Paper cover. But Culpo does look similar to Kardashian's lil' sis Kendall Jenner.

First things first. Culpo, a former Miss Universe, is a dark-haired beauty. Her Treats spread is her first fully naked photo shoot and she certainly made the most of it.

She will no longer be viewed as Nicky J's ex-gf, even though Jonas and Culpo were an adorbs couple, thanks to this spread.

Culpo admitted in her Instagram post caption that she was totally breaking out of her comfort zone but what's that adage or inspirational quote? Life begins at the end of your comfort zone or something like that? Culpo's Treats photo shoot is the manifestation of that quote.

She is a straight up stunner and she looks beautiful in these images, especially with the grayish color tones and lighting.

Is it me or could she and Jenner be twinsies? She could totally be Olivia Kulpo, part of the Kardashian clan, thanks to her dark hair, her beauty, and her frame.

Quick! Cue the Jonas song! He has to be jealous of this hunky model posing with his ex.

The strategic hand bra trick shows itself yet again! But it does the job and that's to conceal the nipple. You can see variations of this mag cover trick in action many times.

Wet head never looked so good.

It doesn't get any steamier than this. I always thought Culpo was naturally gorgeous, but she scorches, courtesy of Treats.

Images: Olivia Culpo/Instagram (3); Treats/Instagram (3)