The Lexus Hoverboard Finally Has An Arrival Date

Do you ever find yourself desperate for mobility without actually moving yourself? Sure, there are some options for that such as pouring your body into a granny cart and begging your roommate to stroll you around. But clearly this kind of movement really should ooze a sense of class. You wanna cruise in the Posh Spice of effort-free body propellers, do you not? That chance might come sooner rather than later. For those of you wondering when the Lexus hoverboard is coming out, the company just released a promo teaser saying August 5.

To be fair, Lexus didn't actually say the words "will be for sale" or "available to the public" — not even "we might give Jay-Z one." So there's naturally speculation that the company's careful choice of the word "arrive" could mean just more extended video footage of its sexy design.

Can I be real for a second and ask a serious question in my heart? Who is the jerk who's gonna ride this around in public? It's like a Segway, but with a further exaggerated effort to compensate for something. Imagine the dude sidling up to the bar (in my mind's eye said bar is on Capitol Hill, but choose your own cliché location, if you'd like), leaning it against a stool and coolly ordering a Capri Sun and Scotch or something else upsetting. I don't know, guys.

Anyway, here's a new preview of the thing:

It appears to be powered by dry ice, which is comforting. So I guess keep an eye out next week for its big drop. And then keep an eye out for its major demographic flooding the Capri Sun market, maybe.

Images: YouTube(2)