Lord of the Rings Leggings, Stephen King T-Shirts: The Weirdest Literary Fashion Around

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Literary fashion is a tricky beast. I can deal with a sprinkling of Gatsby flair or a subtle sartorial Clockwork Orange reference, but we've all seen (and rolled our eyes at) the people in coffee shops with, ugh, a Moby Dick shoulder bag and a Crime and Punishment sweatshirt. It's just so predictably pretentious. ("I couldn't help but notice that War and Peace is your favorite novel, judging from your War and Peace-themed watch fob.")

Thankfully for the anti-Establishment weirdos among us, the world of literary fashion can be much freakier than classic book covers screen-printed onto tees. As a matter of fact, it gets pretty horrifying, pretty quickly. If you need to binge-read something comforting like People magazine after looking at the upcoming clothes, I won't judge you next time we run into each other at the coffee shop — as long as you don't judge me for my tasteful "Prose Before Hoes" tee.

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