Lord of the Rings Leggings, Stephen King T-Shirts: The Weirdest Literary Fashion Around

Literary fashion is a tricky beast. I can deal with a sprinkling of Gatsby flair or a subtle sartorial Clockwork Orange reference, but we've all seen (and rolled our eyes at) the people in coffee shops with, ugh, a Moby Dick shoulder bag and a Crime and Punishment sweatshirt. It's just so predictably pretentious. ("I couldn't help but notice that War and Peace is your favorite novel, judging from your War and Peace-themed watch fob.")

Thankfully for the anti-Establishment weirdos among us, the world of literary fashion can be much freakier than classic book covers screen-printed onto tees. As a matter of fact, it gets pretty horrifying, pretty quickly. If you need to binge-read something comforting like People magazine after looking at the upcoming clothes, I won't judge you next time we run into each other at the coffee shop — as long as you don't judge me for my tasteful "Prose Before Hoes" tee.


There's a heartwarming quote printed on this cuddly scarf, taken from everybody's favorite bedtime read, Frankenstein. It reads: "I started from my sleep with horror…when, by the dim and yellow light of the moon…I beheld the wretch—the miserable monster whom I had created." The better for wrapping tightly around your neck, my dear!

Frankenstein Scarf, $30, etsy.com

'Goodnight Moon'

It's all fun and games until you realize a grown man is wearing this shirt. Like a second skin.

Goodnight Moon T-Shirt, $28, outofprintclothing.com

'Lord of the Rings'

There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for. But these leggings are not it.

Middle Earth Map Leggings, $85 AUD, blackmilkclothing.com

'The Shining'

"This light t-shirt is not only fashionable with jeans or pants, but also is perfect for lounging around in your sweats or pajamas," the description reads. But does it pair well with familicide?

The Shining T-Shirt, $23.99, cafepress.com

Gertrude Stein

There are no words are no words are no words.

Skirt hand embroidered with a Gertrude Stein quote, $52, etsy.com

'Twin Peaks'

This charming dress was inspired by "the unfortunate demise of Laura Palmer." Every time you wear that hood, remember that it represents the plastic wrapped around her icy, dead face.

Laura Dress, temporarily out of stock, suckersapparel.myshopify.com

T.S. Eliot

Bet you never thought an uplifting T.S. Eliot quote could give you such terrible nightmares.

T.S. Eliot Book Quote Headband, $9.50, etsy.com

'The Picture of Dorian Gray'

Anyone who wears this shirt probably has a secret stashed in their attic, too. Like a body.

Dorian Gray Graphic T-Shirt, $39.95, the-affair.com

Harry Potter

Hedwig as Sex Icon: something we can never un-see.

Hedwig GFT, $42 AUD, blackmilkclothing.com

Jane Austen

For the girl who wants to live inside Northanger Abbey forever and ever and ever...

Sweet Calico Jane Austen Style Dress, $129, blanchesplace.com