Officer Who Shot Sam DuBose Has Been Indicted

On Wednesday afternoon, as Cincinnati braced itself for protests over the shooting death of Sam DuBose on July 19, prosecutor Joe Deters announced that an indictment for charges of murder would be brought against UC officer Ray Tensing for his role in DuBose's death. Like Sandra Bland, DuBose was pulled over for a traffic stop that escalated quickly. DuBose was ultimately shot in the head, and Tensing claimed that DuBose had been confrontational and tried to run over Tensing with his vehicle. The incident was caught on Tensing's body camera. Police Chief Jerry Blackwell described the footage to local station WLWT as "not good."

Blackwell, among others, was open about anticipating protests in Cincinnati in the aftermath of the decision made about whether or not to charge Tensing, telling WLWT: "It will become evident once that video is shown ... We’re just trying to do our best to be prepared for whatever might come out of it." The University of Cincinnati suspended its classes mid-morning Wednesday in an effort to keep students safe. "We realize this is a challenging time for our university community," it said in a statement.

The footage was released later Wednesday.