Photos Of The Wing Part That Could Be MH370's

It has been over a year since Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared without a trace. Now, there finally there seems to be some evidence that could lead to an explanation of what exactly happened to the plane. On Wednesday morning, photos of a part of an airplane wing surfaced after a French Air Force team discovered it on the shore of Réunion Island, near Madagascar. Many are speculating that this debris may have come from the missing MH370.

Nothing has yet been confirmed, and the French Air Force team have cautioned against jumping to conclusions. Right now, the French Air Force in Réunion is currently examining the debris to determine whether or not it came from the missing flight. Initial comments from investigators indicated that the wing had been in the water for some time.

The exact fate of MH370 is still a mystery, and even a year later, experts have not been able to piece together what went wrong on March 8, when the flight left from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing, and disappeared approximately an hour after takeoff. There were 239 people aboard the flight when it vanished. The incident was officially ruled an accident, and the 239 passengers and crew have been declared dead.

Here are some photos of the debris found on Wednesday.