Tumblr Replaces Man Buns With Cinnamon Buns, Does The Entire Internet A Public Service — PHOTOS

Dude fashion is a thing. To me, it's a whatever thing. However, there are definitely some aspects and trends I'm not wild about, namely bucket hats (why?) and man buns (double why?). Luckily the art wizardry of the Internet sought to remedy the latter male style atrocity. Two guys got together to form a Tumblr replacing man buns with cinnamon buns, and frankly, that one weird editing trick effectively makes all those men that much more delicious-looking. At least more delicious-looking than a man bun could hope to afford.

I, for one, am into the idea of wearing foods. Hanger is real and if you have a handy (and outfit-complementing) snack, your life will be exponentially better. I know this as fact. Plus, there are so many sleek foods to slap on your body or hair or turtleneck or whatever. For example: fruit snacks. Tell me one look that couldn't immediately be improved with the addition of fruit snacks. They could be like colorful little grommets or non-shiny rhinestones. Who needs sheen when you've got delicious vitamin C? Exactly. The smarties behind the Cinnaman Bun Tumblr thoroughly get this concept and bring it next level with their stellar photo editing skills. Dudes, take note. This is the real way to impress women:

Leo Cinnaman Bun

Really sinks his points home.

This Guy Cinnaman Bun

It's easier to lament over your spotty past with a pastry stuck to the back of your head. Bonus: very tear-absorbent.

Another Guy Cinnaman Bun

Am I supposed to know who this dude is? Well, now I want to because I have to eat that thing on his noggin.

Jared Cinnaman Bun

If Jared performed like this, I might actually enjoy his band.

Bradley Cinnaman Bun

Actually perfect.

Images: Courtesy of Cinnaman-Bun on Tumblr