This Restaurant Is Serving Human Food In Dog Bowls

I'm kind of a sucker for restaurant gimmicks, which I think means I can't turn my nose up to this restaurant serving food in dog bowls. To recap my gimmicky past, in Paris there's a super touristy fondue restaurant that serves wine in baby bottles and I trekked all the way to Montmartre just to have that damn baby bottle wine. That trek was well worth it, and honestly, this doggy delight sounds like it would be, too. It's called "The Dog's Dinner" and you can get it at Varsity Warwick Pub in Britain. According to Mashable, it's on the menu for £4.29. (And, you know, the price of your ticket to the UK.)

The meal consists of thick cut fries (or ~chips~), baked beans, sausages and bacon. It sounds a little bit like poutine meets a garbage plate meets a doggie dish. Their whole operation has been going on by quite some time, but recently blew up thanks to @WeWantPlates, a foodie account that pursues dishes served in interesting ways. They claim that they are: "Crusading against serving food on bits of wood and roof tiles, jam-jar drinks and chips in mugs."

Anyway, if you're still on the fence about whether you feel excellent or very dismayed about this doggie bowl trend, the pics will sway you one way or the other.

Prepare yourself.

The Dog's Dinner:

Delicious or revolting?

Here's the full menu if you're interested in doing some overseas Seamless ordering:

Get me one too, please?

Images: Pixabay