9 Worst Foods To Eat Lady And The Tramp Style

Of all the video experiments I've seen in the last month, I'm definitely partial to this one: BuzzFeed BFF discovered the worst foods to eat Lady and the Tramp style. And that means exactly what you think it means. They legitimately sat down in a meeting and decided that eating foods with one person on each side would be a hilarious video idea. And they were right. I would've liked to be in the brainstorming session where they were just throwing out food options and deciding which would be the hardest to eat Lady and the Tramp style. Ah, to be a fly on that wall.

They perhaps didn't go about eating these foods in the most conventional way, but I’d like to think it’s because they were trying to stay true to the authenticity of Lady and the Tramp. They didn’t use their hands (though that would’ve REALLY helped them out). And while they could’ve tried eating one fry at a time (to really amp up the romance), they decided to approach the entire bundle of fries at once. I approve.

So, if you were wondering (and dammit, I know you were), here is a comprehensive list of the 9 absolute worst foods to eat Lady and the Tramp style:

1. Bread

2. Fries

3. Panini

4. Bagel

5. Submarine Sandwich

6. Cheeseburger

7. Burrito

8. Steak

9. Blooming Onion

Watch the full video here: