'Wet Hot American Summer' S'Mores Cones Are Bomb

Don't worry... That talking can of mixed vegetables totally wasn't lying to you. At long last, the Wet Hot American Summer prequel premieres on Netflix today, July 31. For this prologue to Michael Showalter's 2001 cult classic, the original cast of comedy heavyweights — including Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper, and about a gajillion other amazing humans — is back to reprise their respective roles within most endearingly inept band of camp counselors ever. In celebration of this glorious return to Camp Firewood, we're making snacks. To be specific, we're making s'mores cones. Or should we call them Camp Firewood cones? Get it?!

If you don't know what campfire cones are, allow me to enlighten you. They're essentially portable s'mores that don't require a fire to make. All you need to do is stuff a standard sugar cone with the classic fixin's — chocolate, marshmallows — plus whatever else you want. Let your imagination run wild! Love peanut butter? Put it in the cone! How about sprinkles? Stuff 'em in! Feelin' a bit of barbecue chicken in there? Um, sure! Do what you want! THERE ARE NO RULES WITH S'MORES CONES!!!

What's more, they're almost criminally easy to cook. Hence, they're just the treat that the motley crew of Camp Firewood would throw together as a last-minute activity for the children they're responsible for. Yay for verisimilitude!

Image: Giphy; Bustle.com/ YouTube