Revlon Unveils Love Is On Million Dollar Challenge

It's a beautiful thing when brands we all know and love support the things we care about. Enter Revlon's Love Is On Million Dollar Challenge Launch, which is the brand's second phase of their philanthropic platform, according to WWD. If this is only their second phase, I can't wait to see what's in store for the future, because hey, this is pretty awesome.

Basically, charities are invited to participate in an online fundraising contest, and the charity that raises the most moolah over the six-week period will go home with another $1 million from Revlon. Sweet deal if you ask me. The charities that are invited to participate focus on "three leading health health issues facing women today—which include women’s cancers, heart disease and diabetes." according to WWD.

CEO of Revlon Lorenzo Delpani told WWD, “With this challenge, we want to encourage the public to show their love for these critical women’s health initiatives that have a direct impact on women’s lives.” It's really great to hear that as a company, they have bigger goals than just selling their products, and creating a base of customers that are interested and engaged in women's health. It's not every day you see brands advocating for issues that directly relate to their customers.

The best part? The runner up will also be receiving $250,000 from Revlon, in addition to other prizes that will be given out throughout the time of the challenge.

Revlon also has an upcoming partnership with CrowdRise from Sept. 21 to Oct. 5, where the charities will start going for donations. To participate, you can actually donate to the specific charity of your choice on the Revlon challenge homepage or making your own fundraising page on CrowdRise and actually linking to their charity.

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Images: Revlon, @fifyswhiteroom/Twitter