5 Tips On Making Yourself Happy

By Kelly Rudolph

If you feel like you're on a constant quest for inner bliss, you might be asking yourself: if there was one secret to being happy in your relationship or marriage, workplace, home life, and family wouldn't you have learned it by now?

Are you constantly searching, asking people who seem happy, reading articles and watching videos on how to be happy? If so, you're certainly not alone. Online search engines get millions of people asking this question, and the Internet is full of promises that this strategy or that formula will deliver you to a place of lasting happiness. Yet, many miss the main point: they never even touch on the fact that the real key to happiness with others is happiness with yourself.

Become your own best friend and learn to be happy with yourself. When you like yourself, the things other people say and do that may have previously sent you into a negative mood or frantic response will just roll off your back. You are OK with or without other people when you are happy with yourself. And since similar energy is attracted like a magnet, you will attract amazing, positive people into your life when you are happy with yourself, that you never would have if you were a downward spiral of negativity. You'll attract people who are also happy, and not waiting for someone else to tell them they're OK; people who are secure enough to like you and love you for who you truly are — because they are at peace with who they truly are.

If you haven't noticed or been here yourself (most of us have), an insecure person's need for constant approval is exhausting. Those who are happy with themselves don't hang around with that kind of negative energy. Since we can't change other people, lead by example and others will follow in your footsteps, becoming good role models themselves. Read on to learn the five tips that will help you become happier with yourself.

1. Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself for anything and everything you think you caused that was bad in your or someone else's life. You can't go back for a do-over, so learn the lesson and move forward, promising to better handle any similar situation that may arise. Now you're freed up to relax more and have greater peace of mind without beating yourself up over guilt and resentment.

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