Gregg Sulkin Takes Home The Lip Sync Battle

Poor Victoria Justice. First her awesome MTV series Eye Candy is cancelled and now she doesn't even get to take home the Lip Sync Battle belt! On Thursday night's episode of the hit Spike TV series, Victoria Justice battled Gregg Sulkin (whom you may know as Ezra's brother Wesley on Pretty Little Liars or as Liam on MTV's Faking It). Justice definitely put up a great fight, but Sulkin was just too hard to beat. The actor twerked his way to the title with the help of Kelis' "Milkshake," though taking his shirt and gyrating with an actual milkshake which he later poured on top of his head definitely helped his chances to getting the title.

Justice started the night strong with a lip sync rendition of a classic 80s song: Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart," (a woman after my own heart as this is actually one of my karaoke favorites). But maybe it was the fact that she chose a hit so much older than her or maybe because she was battling Sulkin, who the younger fans in the audience were going crazy over, she just couldn't get the first big hit out the gate that could have really helped put her over the top. Her second song choice however, definitely brought in the votes as she put a piece of tape on her cheek and took on the lip sync challenge of Nelly's "Hot In Herre."

Is anyone else a little annoyed that Justice didn't go full out with her early Nelly costume? She didn't even wear a real bandaid! Chrissy Teigen was more decked out in early Nelly-esque style because she had a real bandaid on her cheek. I'm not sure why this bugs me, but it just does people. In the end, there was nothing that could stop Sulkin. The combination of "Milkshake," an actual milkshake, the Kelis wig and the shirtless-ness could never have been beaten by Justice. Sulkin took the title and the belt, as he deserved.

Images: Spike TV