A Sorority Delayed Airport Security For 3 Hours

Sisterhood is forever, right? So it's almost a sweet twist of irony the Delta Sigma Theta sorority handbooks held up the Houston airport after they sparked a security threat, and the wait went on seemingly forever. Cute! It wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the sheer number of people involved. Close to 13,000 DST sisters trickled into the Houston airport after their 52nd conference July 23 through 29 wrapped, and each sister was awarded one of these commemorative memory books so they'd remember, like I said, that sisterhood is forever.

Well, the TSA begs to differ. Or at least they eyeballed the deluge of these books and immediately grew suspicious of their actual intent — which, to be real, is kinda fair. It's like a yearbook for grown-ups. Also, I don't know if these girls know it just yet, but they're probably gonna move at least once or twice in the next year, forcing them to reevaluate and likely loathe all the media they collected in their lives, these books included.

In helpful, specific clarification airport spokesperson Bill Begley explained, "At the convention there were items they were given, which they had packed in their bags. As they were going through a check in process prompted a secondary search by the TSA."​

Sounds legit. Here's the offensive item:

Looks like the long lost missing eighth book in the Harry Potter series, IMO. But what do I know? Not the cost of sisterhood, at least.

The overall ordeal made flights run about three hours late.

Images: Pexels