No Prom For Drew On The 'Degrassi' Finale?

Poor Drew Torres. The hunky teen heartthrob of Degrassi has been through love, hookups, breakups, pregnancy scares, the death of his brother Adam, sexual harassment, and so much more during his time at the Canadian high school. And in the Degrassi finale on Friday night, Drew actually gets banned from prom right after Becky rejects his "promposal" (that's a fancy way of asking someone to prom these days). Talk about a harsh double rejection — make that poor Drew times two. It's been quite a year for the teen and it's so unfair that he doesn't get to have a fun time with his friends for the last time.

Aside from his former fling Clare Edwards, Drew is another Degrassi-ian who has been through more than your average teenager. In addition to losing brother Adam to a car wreck, Drew has sex with Clare, who turned out to be pregnant, and became torn between her and new love Becky, Adam's ex-girlfriend. But then it turned out that Clare's baby belonged to Eli and Becky fell for a soulful singer named Jonah (or as Drew calls him, "Guyliner"). Drew tried to win Becky back with a sweet promposal during their final exam, but she turned him down.

Not only did Drew get rejected by his former love, but new Principal Pill counted his promposal as a sign of affection, which are currently banned during her reign. Thus, the prom ban-hammer fell on Drew, who got into a fight with best friend Dallas over (you guessed it) prom. But then who does Dallas turn to when the prom boat doesn't show up and Degrassi's prom-goers are standed? Drew. It's been a hard year for him, but he will be there for his friends when he needs them.

So perhaps Drew will get his dream prom after all. But the question remains: Will he get his dream girl? Part 2 of the finale may hold that answer.

Image: Teen Nick