13 Festival Looks From Lollapalooza

Thousands have flocked to Chicago to get their music (and drink) on at one of the biggest, most stylish festivals of the summer. Lollapalooza fashion is one of the best parts of the three-day concert, which allows guests to check out their favorite bands in one place while taking in lots of excellent style inspiration.

If you're a major music festival-follower, or just a street style devotee, you probably already know that people take their outdoor concert wardrobes pretty seriously. I mean, Coachella style has turned into just as much of a big deal as the festival itself, and many concert-goers try to wear something unique to make themselves stand out in a sea of people.

Lollapalooza is no different. Although uniqueness is key, there are some festival trends that are here to stay, from flower crowns, to crop tops, to those (sometimes controversial) metallic temporary tattoos. Even if you're skipping the festival circuit this summer, you can still gain inspiration from Lollapalooza looks, because who doesn't want to feel a little boho once in a while?

Whether you're planning on heading to a concert yourself, or just need some laid back summer style inspo, here are some social media snaps from stylish Lolla-attendees.

1. Crop Tops, A Festival Staple

2. An All-Over Floral Look

3. A Sun-Protecting, Breezy Kimono

4. Stand Out in All-Black

5. Rock Some Fun Prints With Your Friends

6. Bold Shades and Lips

7. Unique, Printed Pants

8. Stay Cool With a Boho-Chic Crown Braid

9. A Tie Dye Dress that Screams "Festival"

10. Feeling Patriotic

11. Keep It Simple

12. For A Funny Fashion Statement

13. Festival Fashion Summed Up