Lena Poses Topless With Her Dog So Who Needs Bras?

Bras can overrated, even when you are busty. It can be incredibly freeing to release your tatas from the confines of a bra, which can feel like a boob jail after 12 or more hours of extended wear! Who needs bras, though, when you can pose topless with your dog? Lena Dunham posed topless while holding her dog and the mutt served as her bra and her censorship bar all in one.

I know what you are thinking. Why the hell is Dunham posing topless while cradling her adorable pooch, named Lamby? Well, she did so for National Mutt Day. It was a celebratory post!

Sure, NMD is a faux holiday, like so many others, such as National Lipstick Day or National Relationship Day or National Left Hander's Day. But that doesn't mean we can't treat it like a legit reason to celebrate and have fun with our fur babies. Dunham sure did.

As someone who loves my English bulldog Higgins more than I like people, he often lays in the bathroom while I shower, get ready, and dressed. He and I are fully bonded. I can totally appreciate Dunham scooping Lamby into her arms and hugging the canine with all of her might.

Lamby was a dog bra and prevented mom from having nip slip.

Dunham, who has been the source of nakedness lately, as her pal Jaime King wore an animated, naked version of Dunham on a tee, isn't the only celeb to use her dog as a bra of sorts.

Lady Gaga held one of her French bulldogs while topless in an Insta photo.

Miss Miley Cyrus posed with her pets while topless... although she opted for pasties as opposed to pooch bras.

Ruby Rose, the tattooed, breakout star of Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black, posed naked with a bunch of pups and a kitty.

So it's not that uncommon for celebs to pose in their birthday suits or topless with their pets.

Images: Lena Dunham/Instagram (1); Lady Gaga/Instagram (1); Miley Cyrus/Instagram (1); Ruby Rose/Instagram (1)