What Would Be Your Orgasm's Theme Song?

I love AskReddit, even if it can usually be a pretty predictable place where a lot of the same questions get asked over and over again. But sometimes? Sometimes you come across a question you really don't see every day, and you wonder what thought process led somebody to asking that. Today's example of that is, "If your orgasm had an audible theme song, what would it be?" Yep, that is an actual question somebody wanted the answers to.

I wish there was a backstory to this question but there really is zero context regarding how this came about. Also, from my cursory searching it didn't even look like OP answered their own question. But hats off to mushypeaz for making me ponder something I have never even considered before, because seriously who's ever thought about their orgasm's theme song before right now? Answer: nobody.

This would normally be the point in the article where I provide my own personal answer to this deep question, but I find this question to be strangely personal for some reason so I'm going to refrain. However, you can read other, braver people's responses, and they're pretty funny.

This is pretty accurate.

A very literal answer, but still a good one.

I have to go look up this song now.

This is kinda sad.

For when your orgasms are epic.


Wow, I almost forgot about this song.

Those were my favorite answers, but for more check out the AskReddit thread.