Miranda Lambert's New BFF Is A Wise Choice

There's nothing too out of the ordinary about a celeb attending another celeb's concert, except for when the two share a very intense, similar experience. According to People, Miranda Lambert went to Shania Twain's concert in Nashville on Saturday, August 1, just weeks after Lambert and husband Blake Shelton announced their divorce. By all accounts, Lambert and Shelton's split was extremely amicable, but just because the breakup wasn't caused by a terrible betrayal (as was the case for Twain and her ex, who cheated on her with her best friend), doesn't mean that it doesn't still, well, suck. Going to a concert given by a woman who also had to deal with a public divorce and is now straight up killing the game seems like it'd be an empowering experience for the singer.

The stars posted Instagram pictures of and with each other before and during the concert, as any modern, famous BFFs would do. They look adorable together, but, as People points out, perhaps the most telling aspect of this mutual Instagram love exchange between the two country mavens is the caption Lambert wrote: "#musicismedicine." Medicine, indeed, because Twain has some of the absolute best songs to get your catharsis on to. And clearly, Lambert is in need of just that.

Perhaps Lambert and Twain's friendship will consist of normal, non-country star hangouts, but if the duo does decide to add some music therapy into their bond, then Lambert would be smart to listen to these six tracks from her wise, talented friend.

1. "Man, I Feel Like A Woman"

I mean, obviously.

2. "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?"

An upbeat song to call out a real jerk.

3. "When He Leaves You"

For the masochist in everyone.

4. "Is There Life After Love?"

*Holds lighter up* *Sways with music*

5. "That Don't Impress Me Much"

For when you're single and not yet ready to mingle.

6. "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing"

This is the song to let it all out to.

Musical therapy at its finest, loudest, and fiercest.