Benedict Cumberbatch Reciting R. Kelly Lyrics Could Cause Fandom Heart Palpitations

Yesterday this writer wrote a post surrounding all the rakishly adorable things Benedict Cumberbatch has done this week. Clearly I spoke too soon. I should have known. Benedict Cumberbatch is never done doing adorable things — and he was feeling particularly rakish last night. Because Benedict Cumberbatch read some R. Kelly lyrics on Jimmy Kimmel last night. And it was exactly what the Internet needed.

Kimmel introduces Cumberbatch as an "Emmy, Golden Globe, and BAFTA nominee," because it's necessary to remind the world of a person's respectable credentials immediately before making them recite lyrics written by a man who is so well-known for peeing on underaged people.

Luckily for everyone in the world, Cumberbatch is not known for these things, and therefore we can sit back and appreciate his recitation without reservation. It's mainly completely ludicrous, but then he has to go and say lines like, "I can't wait to turn you on" and the world's like "OK!! We are here for that" and then he says lines like "while I'm kissing on your thighs" and I'm pretty sure that thud you just heard was Tumblr fainting.

For someone with a voice like Benedict Cumberbatch's (aka made of a love affair between velvet, James Earl Jones, and Alan Rickman) it makes sense that part of his regular tours through late night would be a prerequisite reading of unexpected things. But we would still like to heartily thank each and every one of the late night producers who bring us these special moments.

Image: ABC