11 College Essentials For Freshmen, Because A Dorm Room Won't Decorate Itself

Summer is beginning to come to a close, which is completely heart-breaking, but at the same time, super exciting if you're going to college in the fall. If you're one of those lucky freshmen headed off to the world of higher education, there are a few things you should be prepared for — particularly if you're living on campus. Luckily for you, I've compiled 11 college essentials for freshmen you should be sure to get your hands on by the time you're moving into the dorms. College is a whole new world, so get ready in style.

Image: TradeFare/Etsy

Wall Caddy

Keep your stuff in it, and write your plans on it. Two birds, one stone.

Three By Three Seattle Sort-It-Out Wipe-Off Board Wall Caddy, $46, Urban Outfitters

Firefly String Lights

No dorm room is complete without some string lights.

Firefly String Lights, $28, Urban Outfitters

Just My Type Of Notepaper Set

Need inspiration for taking better notes? Look no further.

Just My Type of Notepaper Set, $12.99, ModCloth

Lawn Your Marks Desk Organizer

Need a home for your pens? How about your iPhone? Check and check.

Lawn Your Marks Desk Organizer, $17.99, ModCloth

Customized State-To-State Decorative Pillow

You may not be staying in your home state, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a piece of it with you.

Customized State-to-State Decorative Pillow, $30, glitterandbold/Etsy

Owl Gussied Up Scarf Hanger

This little guy is perfect for hanging all of your scarves.

Owl Gussied Up Scarf Hanger, $19.99, ModCloth

Mediterranean Cork Board

Why have a typical cork board when you can have a pretty one?

Mediterranean Cork Board, $50, TradeFare/Etsy

MacBook Canvas Case

You’re going to need something to cover up that laptop when you’re running from class to class…

MacBook Canvas Case, $28.99, CanvasFelt/Etsy

Tan Chevron Closet Collection

Your closet space will be limited, so accept a little organization help.

Tan Chevron Closet Collection, $12.99, Dormify

Trigem Jewelry Tree

You’ll need something to hang all your bling on, so hang it on this.

Trigem Jewelry Tree, $25, Dormify

Get Well Soon Kit

The first time you get sick in college, you’ll want some serious comfort. This kit is here to help!

Get Well Soon Kit, $29, Dormify