'Community's New Guest Star to Play Greendale's Founder & It's Gonna Get Weird

We have talked time and again (and again) about how thoroughly guest star-packed the fifth season of Community is going to be. This bothers us less with this show than it does on, say, The Mindy Project , because Community is built on a different molecular than most sitcoms on television, so having famous (or at least semi-familiar) faces doesn't seem too much like a ploy for distraction. And now Community's got another guest star: Chris Elliot, who will be playing the founder of Greendale Community College.

Elliot is not really the most famous of Community's guest stars this season — he doesn't have the TV street cred that, say, a Vince Gilligan, or a Nathan Fillion have — but you probably recognize his face, because he pops up in a lot of places (There's Something About Mary, How I Met Your Mother, Eagleheart, etc.) and is fairly loved around the comedies.

Elliot will be playing Russell Borchert, who according to EW is "the quirky founder of Greendale Community College who went missing many years ago after a bizarre sex scandal."

This seems to mean we'll be getting some insight into the founding of Colorado's weirdest Community college. The episode itself will likely air in May.

Image: CBS