How To Generate A 3D Hologram With Your Phone

Pause your whole life, because you can learn how to make a hologram on your phone, and I think it's pretty clear that we all need to be taking advantage of that. British YouTuber and tech expert Mrwhosetheboss just uploaded an instructional video of how to turn your old smartphone into a 3D hologram projector. All you need is a sharp knife (proceed with caution), a ruler, a pen and paper (or graph paper), an old CD case, scissors and tape. At this point, a lot of us have old iPhones or androids we've shoved under the bed, and it's time to put them to good use. (I personally am still mourning the loss of my old, retired, ridiculously fun iPhone case, which was pimped out to the extreme — but I digress.)

Mrwhosetheboss is trying to help you create a makeshift version of Holho, which is a portable device that makes holograms. The tutorial will break down exactly how to approach transforming your smartphone. I will admit that I had to watch the video a few times to make sure I was getting each step right, so buckle your seat belts, everyone. Here are 5 easy steps to making your old smartphone into a hologram projector:

1. Draw a trapezoid

It should be (roughly) 6cm wide at the bottom and 1cm at the top by 3.5cm high.

2. Break or cut off the edges of an old CD case

3. Use your template (from step #1) to mark out the shape on the CD case and cut the shapes out

4. Stick the pieces of CD case together with tape

5. Put the projector on your phone, load a hologram specific video and watch the magic happen

Obvious reaction: I'vE gOt ThE mAgIc iN mE.

Watch the full video and learn to use your old phone to generate holograms:

Images: YouTube(6); Giphy