6 Times Arielle Vandenberg & Matt Cutshall Made Each Other Laugh With Adorable Results — VIDEOS

After watching a bunch of Arielle Vandenberg's Vines, I can say I am a full-fledged fan at this point. The girl is seriously funny and being a fan of Vandenberg means that I must also be a fan of Matt Cutshall, because they are like two peas in a pod. In an interview with Behind The Vine in 2014, Vandenberg described Cutshall as her best friend "in the universe." So, are they just friends? The status of their maybe-romantic relationship is still not very clear, but laughter in any relationship is a very good sign. In fact, Arielle Vandenberg and Matt Cutshall have made each other laugh many, many times, and it is always adorable.

I guess when you think about it, having two funny people around at all times could get a little obnoxious, but both Vandenberg and Cutshall are equally charming in their videos, which is why they've amassed such a huge following. Finding a best friends (or a significant other) who enjoys the same weird things as you do it a gift in itself, so I rounded up some of the times Vandenberg and Cutshall made one another LOL. These two are definitely my Vine star OTP.

1. When They Couldn't Get Through This Snapchat

Just looking at each other is enough.

2. When She Paid For His Fro-Yo

I can't even keep a straight face watching this through my computer screen. They had to see this in person!

3. When They Were In This Cute Blooper Vid

They're just like us!

4. When They Just Couldn't

Vandenberg says it herself: Laughter is the best medicine.

5. When They Belted Out A Song For Pizza

It probably didn't work, but it was hilarious.

6. When They Wrote A Weird Song Together

Their friend was lucky for such a treat of a lullaby.

Someone needs to hurry up and get these two their own show!

Image: Arielle Vandenberg/Instagram