8 Frosted Animal Cracker Recipes That Prove Life Can Be Deliciously Sweet

People who think they are too old to eat frosted animal crackers don't know what they are missing out on. Shoveling these treats into your mouth by the handful is certainly encouraged, but if you really want to dress things up, these recipes using frosted animal crackers will blow your sprinkle-loving mind. From pretty pink cupcakes to super sweet blondies, yummy muddy buddies to must-have milkshakes, this little cracker has worked its way into pretty much every dessert you've ever held near and dear to your heart. So forget what you may have heard about being a "grownup," and get your hands on some of these treats immediately. You owe it to yourself, and to your tastebuds. Spoon University has rounded up some of the best.

There is a sort of nostalgia to frosted animal crackers. These pink and white crackers are that snack that you always used to try to sneak into your cart at the grocery store, but your parents never let you buy 'em.

As years have passed, these beloved cookies aren't seen as frequently on college pantry shelves. Alright, let's be honest, none of us are really grown ups yet. All the more reason to make some sweet treats out of one of the most loved childhood cookies.

1. Frosted Animal Cracker Cupcakes

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Add animal cookie bits to the batter and frosting of your cupcakes. The simplest of additions is always the sweetest. Get the recipe here .

2. Frosted Animal Cracker Muddy Buddies

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You've never seen puppy chow like this — all covered in white chocolate, sprinkles, and most importantly, frosted animal crackers. Here 's how to make a batch.

3. Frosted Animal Cracker Milkshake

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The perfect add-in to a classic vanilla milkshake. Check the recipe here .

4. Frosted Animal Cracker Blondies

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If I were a frosted animal cracker, I would love nothing more than to be baked into blondie batter. That would be priiime. The recipe is here .

5. Frosted Animal Cracker Butter

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Trader Joe's does a damn good cookie butter, but this one takes it a level up. Instead of Speculoos cookies, frosted animal cookies make a cookie butter that you'll want to eat straight out of the dish. Here 's how.

6. Frosted Animal Cracker Fudge

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The smoothness of the fudge together with the crunchiness of the cookies... it doesn't get much better than that. Get the recipe here .

7. Frosted Animal Cracker Krispie Treats

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Get. Out. The two best childhood sweets EVER can be made into the ultimate sweet treat. Get the recipe here .

8. Homemade Frosted Animal Crackers

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If you're feelin' super ambitious, make your own frosted animal crackers to use in these recipes. Spoon'll teach ya how here .


This article was originally written by Alexa O'Connell for Spoon University.

Still feelin’ nostalgic? These will make you feel like a kid again: