11 Women Proudly Embracing Their Cellulite

For many of us, cellulite is something we've been taught to dread and fear. But in this new age of body positivity and self-love, is the notion of women posting photos of cellulite actually so crazy? Is it really all that crazier than possibly starving ourselves, cultivating gym-going addictions, or dishing out hundreds of dollars on creams and potions in the sheer hope of avoiding it?

Cellulite has been societally perceived as an "enemy" for as long as I can remember. I mean, can you think of a time when people didn't feel the need to hide their cellulite by covering it up (arguably the real reason beach sarongs were invented), or trying to miracle it away with special gels, surgical procedures, or diet and exercise? Seriously you guys, go ahead and search #cellulite on Instagram, and you'll mostly find photos of people trying to get rid of it. "Cellulite fear" is something so ingrained that many of us are quick to simply deem cellulite unacceptable and enter self-hating rage spirals. That, however, is far more unacceptable than a little texture on one's thighs.

Why do we continue to let something like cellulite, a completely normal and natural occurrence, have so much negative power over us? Sure, there is nothing wrong with being toned if you want to be. For some of us, however, not being toned is what feels right. The fear and disdain for something normal (and naturally beautiful) has really got to stop.

Personally, I find that a little cellulite adds a certain fluffy element to one's look, and sumptuous texture to a woman's unique voluptuousness. In a way, seeing cellulite on someone else's body comforts me. I feel powerfully united with them — like the cellulite is physical evidence of our shared humanity or something. When I see fellow women embracing their natural, beautiful bodies and boldly showing off their gooier bits, I can't help but feel hopeful for society and this newfound level of love and respect.

To celebrate this empowering, gorgeous movement and keep it going, let's take a look at 11 beautiful photos of women embracing their cellulite.

1. Glitter And Lazers

This beautiful woman is a lover of fitness and a true inspiration to all, plus-size or otherwise. This photo is absolutely gorgeous, as it captures not only the natural beauty of cellulite on a woman's body, but also the happiness, health, freedom, and beauty we can all experience in life when we love and accept ourselves the way we are. This photo is doing everything to give me life.

2. Body-Posi Panda

This gorgeous gal says it all when she writes, "Know that you don't have to hide away. Nobody else has noticed that body part that you spent hours agonizing over in front of your mirror this morning. And even if they did — know that you don't exist for the viewing pleasure of others. Your body is not an ornament to be looked at, it is a tool that let's you live." She has it so right, and she proudly shows off her stunning body, embodying and practicing everything she preaches.

3. Marie Southard Ospina

This woman is one of my personal #girlcrushes, and who can forget this iconic image of her basking in all her beautiful glory at the beach? The little bit of cellulite detail on her bod is sheer perfection.

4. Fred Town Fashionista

This body-positive babe shows no fear when it comes to wearing shorts and showing off her lovely legs. Girl, work those shorts.

5. Chubby Cartwheels

This body-positive, plus-size fashion designer knows no bounds when it comes to self-love. Wearing clothing from her own Chubby Cartwheels brand (made for plus-size women of every size!), she beautifully shows off those lovely legs of hers, which any mermaid would be thrilled to have.

6. Yours Truely Melly

Serving us pure beauty in the form of legs and booty. Absolutely gorgeous confidence!

7. Thunder Thighs Save Lives

A close-up by this lovely lady shows just how gorgeous cellulite can actually be. The texture is both alluring and natural, resulting in something truly beautiful and worthy of celebration.

8. Natalie Means Nice

This gorgeous beach babe is as beautiful as she is confident, showing how enjoyable life can be when you feel free to be yourself.

9. House Of Coco

Serving attitude, elegance, and thick thighs. Fabulous.

10. Dovah Khaleesi

Another gorgeous babe, Dovah Khaleesi is soaking up the sun and looks incredible while doing it.

11. SM Terrible

She's feeling amazing and looking amazing, too.

See, guys? There's nothing that scary about a little texture, after all.

Images: Courtney Mina