This Tweet Tells How We Feel About The GOP Debate

The time is growing closer every moment, and the first GOP presidential debates for 2016 is upon us. On Thursday, the highest polling Republican candidates will take the stage in Cleveland to talk politics (and most likely insult the daylights out of one another). The first Republican debate will air on Fox News and will also be streamed online, so anyone with Internet access or a TV will be able to tune in to watch what is sure to be a spectacle of epic proportions. Given the smack talk that's been happening in interviews and across social media for the last several months, there's no doubt in my mind that things could get ugly, which is why I love this one tweet that captures what we're feeling about the GOP debate.

Many eyes are focused on Trump, curious about how he will behave himself in a debate setting. He's a wildcard, so it's really anyone's guess, though, according to Reuters, Trump stated on Sunday that he will not be "throwing [any] punches." (I'll believe it when I see it.) The other candidates haven't exactly been angels, either. Ted Cruz has made several very bizarre commercials, Mike Huckabee has never really been known for his tact, and Ben Carson has been one of the Republicans leading up the charge against Planned Parenthood (FUN!). They've all seemed to be spoiling for a fight for some time, and the pressure of the bright lights and being in one room all together could spark a frenzy. I think comedian John Fugelsang put it best about how most people are preparing for Thursday night.

Yup, you'll probably find me taking part in something like this.

Happy presidential debate season, everyone!

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