Employees React Hilariously To Robot In Drive-Thru

Because apparently nothing is sacred, not even our late night French fry compulsions, a man conducted a fast food drive-thru robot prank in which he made fast food employees believe an actual robot was driving his car. As a person who enjoys burgers and recently watched the horror unleashed in Age of Ultron, I find this offensive on SO MANY levels. But as a person who also secretly takes pleasure in seeing a grown man screaming at the top of his lungs over an inanimate object, I can easily reconcile it.

The prank was the brainchild of MagicofRahat, a magician and YouTuber who specializes in pranking strangers — particularly pranks of the drive-thru variety. What I appreciate about his strategy, though, is that he does us the service of explaining how the magic happens. It makes the neurotic, Type A, "no, you grew up to be exactly like your mom!" part of me feel a little bit better about the fact that someone is, in fact, safely driving the vehicle when the pranking takes place. And without all that extra stress, we can all appreciate the stress that these poor fast food workers go through when they open their windows.

Here's How The Prank Works

He constructed the robot himself, and then hid behind something called an "Invisible Driver's Seat". Obviously his pranking forefathers have thought this whole shebang out.

Here's How The Servers Reacted

Honestly, guys, I want to be BFFs with all of these prank-ees. They handled this weirdness like hilarious bosses.

The skeptical

The horrified

The mortally panicked

The chill

Watch all of this bot's shenanigans go down, because even if you don't like this brand of shenanigans, all of these employees are about to become your #SquadGoals:

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