Remember When Jennifer & Justin Got Enagaed?

Everyone raise a glass to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Thereoux. Although it has not been officially confirmed, reports claim that Aniston and Thereoux finally tied the knot Wednesday night, Aug. 5. The happy couple have been going strong for over three years now, and, whether or not they actually made their union legal, Aniston and Thereoux still have an adorable engagement story that would even make romantic Rachel Green swoon.

The couple originally got engaged way back in October of 2012. Their long engagement began on Thereoux's 41st birthday. He popped the question, and Aniston gave him a resounding yes. Picking his birthday to ask Aniston to be his wife was a smooth move on Thereoux's part. If the rumors of their marriage are true, then the duo came full circle by becoming a married couple on Aniston's birthday. How perfect would that be?

Aniston first discussed her engagement to Thereoux during an emotional interview with her friend Chelsea Handler. During the interview, Aniston said the moment Thereoux asked her to marry him made her feel "verklempt," and she even shed a few tears. The happy couple didn't rush down the aisle to the altar after their big announcement, which actually makes their relationship seem more solid. They've been busy enjoying their engagement, and each other, for the past few years rather than planning an extravagant blowout.

The fact that Thereoux originally proposed on his birthday seems to be very in sync with the couple's loving, but laid back attitudes. Thereoux picked a date that already had specific significance for them. Not only did he get the best birthday ever, but he and Aniston also guaranteed that forgetting their anniversary would be next to impossible. The same goes for the supposed wedding anniversary, which would also coincide with Aniston's birthday.

The couple have definitely made the most of their engagement. In 2014, they went to Bora Bora to celebrate their anniversary, and they have just generally been in an adorable, solid Hollywood relationship. If they did get married, the only thing that seems important since it is clear they are over the moon for each other, is how Thereoux topped Aniston's stunning engagement ring? Forget the details, it's the bling I want to see.

After all, between the perfect ring and the flawless engagement, the whole wedding thing is more of a bonus. Aniston and Thereoux seem like a perfect fit. If they finally got married, good for them, and if not then they still have plenty of engagement celebrations in the future.

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