Abstract_ Creates Clothing Out Of Literal Emotions

Not only can you wear anything you want in order to express yourself these days, you now can actually wear your emotions with Abstract_. With freedom of expression and individuality raging on every corner in the world, from political matters to social issues, it's no surprise that the fashion industry has also taken this movement to a new level.

Julie Eriksen, the fashion designer behind the booming brand, wanted to allow customers to have a hand in designing their own clothing. With the help of Kristen Boeseon, a textile designer, and Bjørn Karmann, a web designer, Abstract_ was created. So, how does it work? According to Fast Company, Karmann "used his interest in how people express emotions online to develop the program that forms patterns out of text and facial recognition." So basically, you better be prepared to be mad exposed to the world if you want to try this out. Pretty insane, right? I think that the brilliant brains behind this new brand have just redefined what "making a statement" actually means.

Fast Company's article about Abstract_ also breaks down exactly how the process of design takes place. They explain that when you use "the webcam on your computer, an algorithm will record and analyze your facial expressions as you're typing." Apparently this data then "combines with the data taken from the rhythm of your keystroke — how fast you type, when you pause — and specific keywords in your story." Though the program they've created, a visual representation is formed.

The brand's site, which is also the fashion designer's personal site, gives more specifics on what all the company has to offer.

Here a few photos of Eriksen's creative designs.

I'm not sure if you're ready for it, but it's here! Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve, right?

Images: Courtesy of Abstract_