Eat24 Is Giving Away Coupons Every Time Donald Trump Says "Mexico" At GOP Debate, So You Can Comfort Yourself With Tacos

Though you may not feel like a winner while living in a country that is seriously considering Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, Yelp-owned food delivery service Eat24 is giving away coupons whenever Trump says "Mexico" during Thursday night's Republican debate. Does that take some of the sting out of everyone talking about defunding Planned Parenthood? Discounted tacos for everyone!

The company announced the move in a Tuesday blog post, saying that each and every time Trump mentions our southern neighbor, they will post a coupon code on Twitter that offers users a $5 discount on their order of $10 or more. The blog post elaborated on the (hilarious) plan.

Why are we doing this? Because even though Donald Trump (#HolaDonald) and Eat24 don’t have much in common besides a love of whacky toupees (is it a toupee, right?), we want to fully support your constitutional right to have pulled pork nachos and a Diet Coke delivered to your couch while you watch his face change from one shade of pink to another/contemplate his policy ideas.

I was planning to watch tonight's festivities with a big bag of buttery popcorn in keeping with what a blockbuster of an event this is sure to be, but some hot nachos will have to do. Thanks for giving me one reason not to entirely dread listening to Trump's views on immigration, Eat24.