BuzzFeed's "Did I Just Get My Period?" Is The Millennial Horror Story We've All Starred In Before — VIDEO

BuzzFeed Video just took us on the journey all women go through when they wonder, "Did I just get my period?" *Shudders*. It's a chilling thought. Getting our periods is a naturally thing that we can HANDLE, thank you very much. But you know what's not a good time? When it comes early. It's been a menstrually heavy week in the news lately: a grocery store clerk made an inappropriate period joke to a woman and got put in his place. And now we have this video, to explain the anguish that comes with the red cloud bearing down upon you before the day you had it marked in your calendar. (Who are we kidding? I never mark it in my calendar, but you see my point.)

Even if you’re on the ball and are totally one of those people who actually knows when their period comes (without depending on a pill pack), you know there’s nothing worse than when it shows up on the one day you decided to try out your schmexy new white pants. Just the thought that it will probably happen in my life is enough to make me cringe. But we’ve all been there, and we will live to fight another day. Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and say BuzzFeed really crushed it on the ~relatability~ factor here. Here are the 5 stages you go through when you think you just got your period:

Stage 1: Realization


In which you panic while appearing perfectly calm.

Stage 2: Trying And Failing To Come Up With An Excuse To Leave


You open your mouth. You close your mouth. You realize no words are surfacing and just nod awkwardly and back away.

Stage 3: Flight


In which you MAKE HASTE to la nearest toilette, while trying to seem very chill about the fact that there might be a blood stain on your pants.

Stage 4: Inconspicuously Checking In The Bathroom



Stage 5: Sweet Relief


In which you honestly regret going through all the pains of checking in the first place and then wonder why you had cramps earlier in the day. And then get irrationally worried about those cramps, and then go into an endless worry spiral until your period actually does come and it's almost a relief.

Watch the full video in all of its awkward splendor below:

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