YouTuber Michelle Phan Defends Kylie Jenner's Beauty Transformation, Saying She Also Experimented With Makeup As A 17 Year Old

As one of the leading beauty influences on social media, Michelle Phan knows a thing or two about dramatically changing your looks. Perhaps that's why Phan defended Kylie Jenner's beauty transformation from her critics. She added that experimenting with makeup or hair is something that other young women, including herself, have done for years and it's unfair for anyone to single out Jenner because of her celebrity status. Phan told Racked:

Look, Kylie is 17 years old, almost 18. When I was her age I was experimenting with my looks too, but she's in the limelight, so she's going to get judged. I think it's unfair to judge someone that young. No one asked her permission if she wanted to be put under this microscopic. If she wants to get lip injections, fine. Leave her alone. Everything she's doing right now should be seen as experimentation. If the media wasn't focusing on her, she wouldn't be considered an influence on our youth. Think about that. A lot of people want to focus on her because its controversial.

Now at 28, Phan has risen from a YouTube sensation and makeup artist, to a successful entrepreneur with her own lifestyle network. Instead of joining others who bash a young woman like Jenner because she constantly changes her hair color or makeup regime, Phan is speaking out in defense of the reality TV star. She also pointed out the unfortunate cycle of putting a female celebrity at the center of controversy solely because of her looks.

"I grew up in the Britney Spears age, when she was controversial," Phan said. "I've seen this so many times before; right now it's Kylie, and next it will be someone else." Here's to hoping that cycle will stop, and that more women and men will stick up for each other the way Phan has for Jenner.

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Image: michellephan/Instagram