9 Movies To Watch If You Are Totally Over Summer, From 'Pitch Perfect' To 'Harry Potter'

I am so over summer. The warm sun and forced outdoor activities were fun for a few months, but with the dog days easing in, I am ready to embrace fall in all of its glory. Unfortunately, for me, the desire for summer to be over is fruitless. Living in the Deep South means it's pretty much always summer somewhere. Still, that doesn't mean I have to keep fleeing for my life from bees, pretend I like hotdogs for patriotism, or keep up the charade that I actually enjoying wearing shorts any longer. Summer is still here, but I'm moving on, and if you too are done with summer, then I have the perfect movies for you.

Blockbuster season goes hand in hand with summer, so there is no better way to express a desire to move on to fall with its flawless holidays and comfy sweaters than by turning to Hollywood. Prepare for the incoming dose of happiness that can only be attained when the leaves are turning and everything tastes like pumpkin by firing up movies that leave summer in the dust. Here you will find no explosions, no superheroes, and no beaches. These are the movies that shall set you free from the oppression of summer, so crank up the AC and break out the hot chocolate: It's time to kick summer out with a little cinematic help.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nothing says "so long summer" quite like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington will sing your summer blues away as he learns the true meaning of Christmas and Halloween. Somewhere between the twinkling lights and the jack-o'-lanterns, you will start feeling the itch to decorate all the things. Embrace this feeling — after all, Halloween decorations are already hitting the shelves, and just because it's still 100 degrees outside doesn't give you an excuse to be unprepared for trick-or-treaters.

2. Pitch Perfect

Whether your school days are long over or you're currently stocking up on Blue Books, the first Pitch Perfect hits all the right post-summer notes. You've got first day of college awkwardness, the thrill of making new friends, and some sweet musical numbers. It's aca-perfect if you are looking forward to the end of summer and the fresh possibilities that come with fall.

3. The Apartment

Classics are perfect for curing the summer blues. The Apartment is one of my favorites because it's more serious than most blockbuster fair, but thanks to Billy Wilder, it has a dark comedic edge. The lonely love story takes place almost entirely in an office and an apartment building, and it's set during the holidays (but it's not a holiday movie). It's a true character piece and a great palette cleanser after the sensory overload that comes with big-budget movies.

4. Fargo

Set in the midst of a brutal North Dakota winter, Fargo will pull you in with its stunning scenery and meticulous storytelling. It's a crime movie with humor, an amazing female lead, and lots of snow. The movie will leave you feeling shivery anytime of the year.

5. The Harry Potter Movies

I wiled away many summers reading Harry Potter, but each one of Harry's Hogwarts adventures are so full of spookiness, school drama, and lessons that they always put me in a fall state of mind. After all, Harry dreaded summers. It was the school year with all of its friendship and requisite fighting for his life that Harry looked forward to.

6. Up In The Air

Up in the Air is a movie designed for contemplation. It will shake the cobwebs out of your brain and settle down the desire to travel for a bit. The movie is a great reminder of why living a transient life may seem appealing when you're beach-hopping, but for most people, having somewhere to land is so much more comforting.

7. Jane Eyre

I'm saying Jane Eyre because I love it with every fiber of my being (especially the 2011 Michael Fassbender version), but you can insert pretty much any period piece here and get the same effect. Drafty castles, achy love stories, and Byronic heroes all leave me dreaming about warm fires and cuddling on cold winter nights.

8. The Others

A nice, creepy ghost story that will leave your nerves rattled and your heart racing. It's also impossible to watch without a blanket to completely surround yourself with. You're welcome.

9. Wet Hot American Summer

Finally, say goodbye to summer with a movie that is about, well, saying goodbye to summer. The insanity of Wet Hot American Summer will take you through the last day of camp in the funniest, most ridiculous manner possible. It's a very cathartic experience because all your favorite comedians are there and their summer is ending, too. Laugh and then make like Elsa and let those sticky summer days go.

The best part about indulging in movies as you wait for fall? By the time you finish all of these, fall will actually be here.

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