MIRA Bike Bags Are The Stylish And Functional Bike Bag Cyclists Have Been Waiting For

Cities are arguably becoming more and more cyclist-friendly, so it makes sense that more and more people are choosing to bike to work as a way to cut down on their carbon footprint and get some physical activity. That's why the new stylish bike bags by MIRA are the solution that professional, chic biking babes have been waiting for. It's hard to live out your Audrey Hepburn Funny Face bike fashion fantasies with a bulky backpack, am I right?

Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, MIRA bike bags are the brainchild of the owners of a women's bike shop in Krakow, Poland. The problem with most bike bags is that they're designed purely for function and not necessarily to go from the bike lane to a meeting or dinner. The cycling industry has even been notoriously unaccommodating and has excluded women — meaning that it's also been slower to create innovative products for diverse cyclists. I mean, backpacks and messenger bags can be cute and hold all your stuff in them, but they're just not as sartorially friendly as a handbag usually is.

The MIRA bike bag has enough room to hold a 15-inch laptop and an iPhone, has multiple compartments shoulder straps, and is made of versatile vegan leather. The bags attach to bikes using an internal clipping system that's discreetly hidden in a zippered compartment of the purse. They're also gorgeous, but duh. The brand is raising money for its first collection, which will feature three handbags: A purple handbag, a pink faux alligator skin bag, and a unisex brown messenger satchel.

Cute, functional, and — even better — affordable. The bags range from $65 to $70 if you preorder them on Indiegogo before the campaign is up next week. Uh, I'll take one of each, please.

Images: Małgośka Dębnicka/Vimeo