Get NYPL Picks Even If You Don't Live In New York

If you’re anything like me, one of your greatest challenges on the daily is trying to figure out what to read (in that you want to read all of the books, all at once.) But now, thanks to the New York Public Library's new app, Staff Picks, selecting your next great read is easier than ever — and it's also kind of fun. Gotta love good ol' NYPL for always having a book-lover's back.

Launched today, Staff Picks digitally sorts through the monthly must-read recommendations of New York Public Library’s staff, based on your selected interests, and reveals a handful of titles you’re bound to love. I tried it out, and not only is my to-read list looking a little more impressive, the app also selected a few titles I’ve already read and enjoyed, so the recs felt totally tailored to me.

Here’s how it works:

First, you select any number of five categories listed under what criteria you’d like your next book to be driven by, for example: character, language, or setting.

Then, after those results are narrowed down, you select your favorite themes, from a list of intriguing options like: identity narratives, nail-biters, or tales of courage. There are even separate settings for Adult, Young Adult, and Children’s Literature, in case you’re not book-hunting for yourself.

When you’re done clicking categories: voilà, your carefully garnered list of book recommendations appears, selected from the variety of cannot-miss titles compiled by New York Public Library’s finest bibliophiles. All that’s left to do is head over to the checkout counter of your favorite bookstore or library, books in hand. Pretty cool, right?

Image: lunamarina/Fotolia