Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan's Feud Just Got Surprisingly Intense

Aww, remember when Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton were besties? Those were the days, weren't they? It actually seemed like they were better for a while: As Lohan's fame deteriorated and Hilton left interviews when journalists asked her what she would do if she became irrelevant, perhaps they bonded over their lost tabloid covers, or their mutual dislike of Kim Kardashian. So sweet, true friendship. Now, though, they hate each other yet again... only this time, Paris Hilton's brother Barron Hilton is caught in the middle of it. According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan allegedly orchestrated an attack against Barron Hilton, and Paris Hilton is livid — to the point where she publicly vowed to get revenge on Lohan in, of all things, an Instagram comment.

Confused? I don't blame you, it's a kind of a confusing story — so here's a breakdown of what happened. Apparently, both Lohan and Barron were down in Miami for Art Basel, the yearly international art show that has seen tons of art world elites and entertainment icons over the past few days. Lindsay has reportedly been staying at The Shore Club and out of trouble during her time there, as she posted on her Instagram, but Barron tells a different story: According to him, author Ray LeMoine punched him at Lohan's request because he spoke ill of her boyfriend, and he posted a picture of his face bloodied and bruised on Instagram to prove it.

Upon seeing the image of Barron's face, Paris apparently took to the comments of his photo and posted the following, ominous threat: "They both will pay for what they did. No one f***s with my family and gets away with it!!" She also posted the following tweet:

Today, TMZ reported that the Hilton siblings are planning on taking both Lohan and LeMoine to court — even though LeMoine is insisting that Lohan had nothing to do with orchestrating the attack, and he punched Barron because Barron started it. Though this doesn't necessarily condemn Lohan, it should be mentioned that she has been spotted with LeMoine in Miami recently, before and after the attack.

Also worth noting: Lohan has vehemently claimed that she was nowhere near the scene of the fight, but TMZ managed to obtain video of Barron confronting Lohan after the attack, where Barron is claiming that she told him, "You talk shit about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get."

Unlike Paris, Barron's other sister, Nicky, as mostly been silent — but after the attack, she did post a vague tweet, possibly referring to Lohan and LeMoine:

Here is the Instagram photo of Barron's face after the attack as well: