Photo Filter App Louboutinize Allows You To Turn All Your Shoes Into Louboutins

If the photo editing apps that selfie queen, Kylie Jenner, uses isn't really delivering that oomph factor that you've been wanting for all your Instagrams, then look no further. Christian Louboutin came out with his very own photo filter app, Louboutinize and the app does exactly that — it Louboutinizes everything.

Louboutinize has three different filters, which all depict an important aspect of Louboutin's signature designs. One of the filters warps your photo into sharp angles to turn it into what kind of looks like a cubist painting. This filter reminds me a lot of the dramatic angles that Louboutin takes with his heels. Another filter allows you to mix and match two photos to create one masterpiece—think PicStitch. I feel like this filter really echoes Louboutin's vision for his red, undersole shoes. So in this case, the big and bolder the contrast, the better. This doesn't only have to pertain to color, it can also be for contrasting images such as a photo of the ocean and a photo land. As for the last filter, it turns your entire photo red—classic Louboutin, need I say more?

So many people have hopped onto the Louboutinize app and have well...Louboutinized everything! From their Sperrys to their dogs, the app seems to be a hit, and you can definitely join in on the fun. Just download the app, post your Louboutinized photo on Instagram, and don't forget to use the hashtag #Louboutinize.

Oh, and I really wasn't lying about the Louboutinized dog.

My favorite are seeing shoes with the red filter.

But the crystalized angles are super cool to look at too.

Oh, the contrast.

Images: louboutinworld/Instagram