Jason Bateman's Directorial Debut is Full of 'Bad Words'

In case you were worried there was a lack of foul-mouthed tom-foolery in comedies, have no fear, Bad Words is here. The trailer for the upcoming film starring-in and directed-by Jason Bateman was just released and it features a whole lot of, well, bad words. Bateman’s directorial debut is about a foul-mouthed middle-aged man with a Peter Pan complex so insane that he continues to compete in middle-school spelling bees. Because he never passed the 8th grade, naturally.

Aside from the plethora of curse words, insults slung at kids, and a hooker named Marzipan, we do at least learn that there is a conscience at the center of the film. Bateman befriends a young loner and (hopefully) helps him rise to the top of the competition. And hey, Allison Janney!

Bad Words seems to follow the current trajectory of Bateman’s casting: playing total jerks. Which, in my humble opinion, is sort of a shame. Bateman has charisma for days, and yet, he seems to be fulfilling roles of snarky or just outright mean characters. Maybe it’s just because he played the heart of Arrested Development, where I loved him best — that is, if a family like the Bluths were ever capable of actually having hearts.

From the skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevy dad in Juno, to the stick-up-the-butt businessman in Identity Thief, to the conspiring MURDERER in Horrible Bosses, Jason Bateman hasn’t exactly played the most likable of fellas on screen. Which seems like such a waste since Bateman himself seems like a totally delightful guy. He’s got indie film love interest written all over him!

Come on Jason, you’re a lover, not a fighter. Just look at the evidence!

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