'The Park Bench' Features Two People Falling In Love Over 'The Great Gatsby' — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

For most people, studying with a tutor isn't exactly a fun experience — sessions involve textbooks, homework, and a lot of complaining. Yet for the duo at the center of The Park Bench , a new romantic comedy out Aug. 21, the extra learning comes with some unexpected benefits — namely, falling in love. Emily (Nicole Hayden, Mad Men), a librarian-in-training, and Mateo (Walter Perez, Friday Night Lights) she's assigned to tutor, don't set out for romance when their sessions begin – in fact they barely get along — but by the end, they develop real feelings for each other that, naturally, throw a wrench into both of their plans.

The Park Bench, directed by Ann LeSchander, received positive reviews upon its debut at festivals early this year, with reviewers highlighting its sweet dialogue, the actors' chemistry, and its surprising use of animation to add unexpected joy to the live-action story. There was also plenty of excitement felt about the film's many literary references; prepare to see your tenth grade reading list come alive during Emily and Mateo's sessions together. Check out an exclusive clip from the film, featuring the duo arguing over the merits (or lack thereof) of The Great Gatsby:

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Personally, I'm on the side of Emily — you just can't say that Gatsby isn't a classic. If you're literary-minded like Emily and Mateo or you just have a fondness for a good, talky rom-com, then be sure to check out The Park Bench when it's released in L.A. on Aug. 21 and be on the lookout for further screenings to come.

Image: Angel Powers Productions