7 GOP Debate Memes Every Liberal Will Love

The Republican debates on Fox News last week gave us an up-close and personal look at the candidates in both the top and bottom tiers of the party's contest for the presidential nomination, and the whole shebang gave us some pretty fantastic and outrageous first GOP debate memes to boot. Any event that has Donald Trump as its main attraction (and let's make no mistake, The Donald is probably who most people tuned in to watch) is a veritable Meme-O-Rama. From the hair, to the shrugging, to the colorful vocabulary, Trump alone provided plenty of jaw-dropping moments. The other candidates made a go of it, for sure, and when we add in the first debate with Rick Perry's reference to "Ronald Raven," (which Perry claims is not what he said), it has all the makings of an Internet gold mine.

Thanks to the Internet, the memes from the debate and other meme-able behavior by the GOP's finest are available for liberals to enjoy at their leisure. Sometimes it's hard to believe the Republican presidential hopefuls actually said some of the ridiculous things they have said, but the Internet will never let them forget. Check out these top 7 red-state ready memes courtesy of the conservative base and some of the others from the cast of characters of GOP central.

You Know Nothing Donald Sno- Er, Trump

I Am A Very Classy Emoji

That's So Ronald Raven

Marco Rubi-uh-oh Must Have Forgotten He Got Government Aid

Of course, the debate wasn't the only source of memes in the past few weeks from our friends in the Grand Old Party. Jeb Bush made a statement that Americans need to "work longer hours" and inspired a few memes of his own.

Work Moar, Americans

And never underestimate the Internet's ability to find uncanny resemblances between public figures and weird television characters.

Ted, You Need To Get Some Rest, Buddy

After The Debate, Democrats Were Like...